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Sean Esler IT Consultant


Technology-driven transformation – propelling small businesses to compete effectively against larger rivals.

My Mission Statement

My goal is always to find ways to bring out the best in others and helping people succeed. Many entrepreneurs struggle in their first years learning all the various aspects of business management. With some guided education and planning, many of the hurdles that trip up other enterprises can be avoided. Let’s spend some time together and ensure your endeavor doesn’t become another statistic.
Sean Esler with people holding computer towers

Empowering Businesses with Vision

Edge Systems, led by visionary technologist Sean Esler, is a Central Florida-based IT consulting firm. With almost three decades of commitment, Sean has driven technological advancements through Zero Edge Unified Systems, empowering small businesses in Central Florida and Greater Philadelphia with strategic tech solutions.

Sean Elser holding school supplies for kids

Steering Technology Decisions

Sean has been a key Technology Advisor and Chairperson for the Seminole County Public Schools' Business Advisory Board since 2013 and 2018. He uses his IT knowledge to offer insights and influence the district's strategies, contracts, and technology choices.

the Edge consulting team doing a community run

Technological Trailblazing

The Esler Edge Business Consulting stands not just as a consultancy, but as a testament to Sean Esler's enduring commitment to advancing technological frontiers. His journey underscores a profound belief in the transformative potential of IT, enriching businesses and educational institutions alike, and cementing his legacy as a trailblazer in the world of IT-driven progress.